Behind the Scenes: How We Produce Our Peaches in Syrup

Did you know that Samperi handles all of our own manufacturing? From the cultivating of the Peach in the Bag in our organic fields, to filling the jars with peach halves, to the packaging and shipping, we do it all in our Samperi organic farm in Leonforte, Sicily.

And we believe that keeping a close eye on every step allows us to maintain a standard of quality that sets our products apart.

Here is what is crucial at every stage.

We use only premium quality organic fruit for all of our preserves. During harvest season, our workers daily monitor the ripeness of the peaches and only pick them at the perfect moment: the peaches are ripe and sweet but still firm.

As soon as they are picked, they are brought to our processing workshop, in the immediate proximity to the fields, and are cooled, sorted and washed.

What happens next is of an utmost importance. The peaches are peeled exclusively by hand. Not chemically and not by blanching that would partly cook and soften them, and possibly affect their taste. To preserve the flavour and the consistency of fresh fruit, we insist on hand peeling and that becomes a cornerstone of the quality of Samperi Peaches in Syrup.

Finally, the peach halves are laid in jars that are filled with syrup and pasteurized.

They are now ready to be labelled and shipped to you.

Peach in Syrup

As you can see, the whole process is very simple. And it is maintaining this very simplicity and strictly controlling every stage of production that makes Samperi Peaches in Syrup special. Taste them and say if you agree! 🙂

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