Giovanni Trovati
Farm Owner

Sveta and peach flowers

Svetlana Malykhina
International marketing Manager

pollination manager

Aphid Controller

humus producer

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Samperi farm was founded in 1978 by Giuseppe Trovati, the father of today’s owner, on the land that had belonged to his ancestors for four centuries. At the time, it was a family farmhouse surrounded by orange and olive groves traditionally cultivated in Sicily.

One does not easily change what they are used to from their birth, so it was a challenge to organize a modern farm with respect to the whole family’s affections and ways. But if you truly love where you belong and what you do, you can manage it. In this way, peach orchards took place of the orange groves, the olive grove was maintained and enlarged, and an irrigation system was introduced to the whole area.

A fundamental change was the building of a processing laboratory where production of peach preserves started in 2005. Since then, we have constantly worked to improve the taste and quality of our preserves, and we are now proud to offer you a range of really tasty, clean and healthy products. The land of Samperi contributes a lot to it, giving birth to fleshy and incredibly aromatic peaches, as well as to spring water. We use this clean and fresh water to make the honey-like syrup in which we soak the golden peach slices.

On our part, we treat this land with great respect to make sure that it remains rich and flourishing. Samperi is certified as an organic farm and we are happy to introduce it as a home to numerous plant varieties and animal species, a place where agriculture and nature meet and walk hand in hand.